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Judge Jed Rakoff – American Hero – Is America awakening ?

A judge on Monday used unusually harsh language to strike down a $285 million settlement between Citigroup and the Securities and Exchange Commission over toxic mortgage securities, saying he couldn’t tell whether the deal was fair and criticizing regulators for … Continue reading

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To Big to Bail (TBTB)

It has become obvious that Greece will be leaving the Euro, they will walk away from the debt they have amassed. The Irish and¬†Portuguese¬†are taking a different root, they have so far agreed to take on the debts that went … Continue reading

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Occupy this….

Is the Occupy Wall Street movement the first sign of the World Awakening. Yes, it is. Unfortunately they are a disparate group with no real understanding of what ails America. They represent the unemployed, the anarchists, the do nothing generation … Continue reading

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The SEC exposed – Whistleblower Tells All

Darcy Flynn, a longtime attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission has come forward to expose SEC transgressions we have all suspected. Where there is smoke, you will find fire and we suspect the SEC is a 5 alarm fire. … Continue reading

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JP Morgan – Gets away with another serious offence.

It seems Americans just do not want to send Wall Streeter’s to jail for serious offenses. JPMorgan Chase Bank is paying $88.3 million in an agreement with the Treasury Department, which says the bank violated regulations that prohibit lending money … Continue reading

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Bank of America – We really did need money!

Warren Buffet gets his way. The Bank has denied it needed to raise money yet it quickly turned around and gives Warren Buffet an absolutely fantastic deal.Warren is now the lender of last resort, he has bought $5 billion of … Continue reading

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