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Is Corzine cooked? When did he find out and what did he do when he found out?

MF Globals Jon Corzine testifying under oath said he was not aware that customer segregated funds were removed and transferred out of customer accounts prior to the Oct 30th, 2011 bankruptcy filing. Some are making a big deal of CME executive … Continue reading

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Americans slumber while MF Globals Jon Corzine goes before the U.S. House of ill Repute

MF Globals Jon Corzine is going before a U.S. House of Representatives committee to explain how he bankrupted MF Global Holdings Ltd. This is the most serious collapse of a futures trading house on record. It further highlights the holes in the … Continue reading

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Euro – What next?

Europe remains in denial. It is facing a systemic crisis which now threatens the Euros very existence. Italy is now the poster boy for the debt crisis. Soon enough, the citizens of Europe will come to realize they have been … Continue reading

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