S&P is muzzled

S&P says it will not cut the US credit rating based on the failure of supercommittee to reach a debt reduction deal. The S&P downgraded US debt in August 2011 due to US debt ballooning out of control easily blowing … Continue reading

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Have we learned nothing from the past

“The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and assistance to foreign hands should be curtailed, lest Rome fall.” – Cicero , 55 BC

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Euro – What next?

Europe remains in denial. It is facing a systemic crisis which now threatens the Euros very existence. Italy is now the poster boy for the debt crisis. Soon enough, the citizens of Europe will come to realize they have been … Continue reading

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To Big to Bail (TBTB)

It has become obvious that Greece will be leaving the Euro, they will walk away from the debt they have amassed. The Irish and Portuguese are taking a different root, they have so far agreed to take on the debts that went … Continue reading

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Occupy this….

Is the Occupy Wall Street movement the first sign of the World Awakening. Yes, it is. Unfortunately they are a disparate group with no real understanding of what ails America. They represent the unemployed, the anarchists, the do nothing generation that worries about the potential loss of their Government benefits.

Europeans are now coming to terms with their fate. The political elites have sentenced their citizens to 20-30 years of debt servitude.  They have awaken and the social unrest has begun.  America is not far behind Europe , eventually, American politicians will realize their days are numbered. All that is lacking is a true leader.

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America is fixable – it is time to awaken

There is little doubt American will be fixed. It is not a case of if, it is a case of when. The when part is easy. When crisis leads to necessity, that is when it will occur and not a … Continue reading

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The SEC exposed – Whistleblower Tells All

Darcy Flynn, a longtime attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission has come forward to expose SEC transgressions we have all suspected. Where there is smoke, you will find fire and we suspect the SEC is a 5 alarm fire. … Continue reading

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